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Wingback Headboard


The wingback design on furniture has been originally seen on chairs. This design can seem by some to be a bit outdated; but if used properly, it can look classic. These days, you will see that the wingback design has also been applied to a bed headboard design.


The typical design of the wingback chair is padded armrests, covered button tufting, and corded trimmings. You can witness that design in some of the wingback headboard options on the market.


However, the wingback headboard has also been given a modern twist with the use of straight lines and edges.

A wingback bed headboard is usually made of solid wood. This is then padded. The padding can be covered or upholstered with different types of materials. These materials can be: silk, leather, polyester, or microfiber.  


It is also not unusual to have various blends, textures, and finishes of the fabrics. For example, some wingback bed headboard paddings are covered with suede-textured polyester. For color choices, there is a wide array of colors to choose from. Some of these colors are white, grey, platinum, brown, blue, and green. 


A lot of the wingback headboards that you find on the internet are only available online. So take this opportunity and find the perfect wingback bed headboard for your bed. 


First and foremost, determine the size of your bed. Headboards are made to fit certain sizes. The sizes available are the standard ones: full, twin, queen, king, and California king. You also have to find out what make of bed you have because some headboards are designed to fit a certain kind of bed. However, majority of the bed headboards available fit the standard spring mattress beds.


 wingback headboard

 wingback headboards

The design of the headboard can affect the overall effect of your bedroom. If you are into a more classic look, go for a wingback headboard with curves and trimmings. If you like the modern look better, then choose a headboard with straight and clean lines. 

Also, choose a fabric that is easy to clean. Although upholstered headboards do not get dirty easily, it is to your advantage to have a fabric that you can spot clean if the need arises. 

If you are unsure of the color you want, you can ask for colors swatches for a minimal price. Color is equally important as the design because it can improve or add to the interior design to the room. The wrong color choice can make a room seem off balance in terms of design. 

 wingback bed

 wingback beds

A wingback bed headboard can be very expensive. Its price ranges from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.  

Paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for a part of a bed may seem ludicrous to some people. However, a wingback headboard can definitely add flair and elegance to your existing bed and bedroom. It’s as easy as ordering, having it shipped, assembling the piece, and attaching it. Those are four easy steps to achieving an elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.  


 wingback headboard

 wingback bed

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